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At Auto Sniffer we like to keep our customer’s in the driver’s seat.

This is why we’ve outlined a simple Step by Step procedure of how Auto Sniffer allows you to purchase your vehicle, (Do it Yourself) at the same auctions we are registered.

step2 Search www.copart.com or www.iaai.com and locate the vehicle that you would like to bid on.
step3 10 best online casino Register online with Auto Sniffer @ www.autosniffer.com.
step3 Pay minimum deposit of $400 USD or 10% of your chosen Bid limit via PayPal or direct bank deposit or bank to bank wire transfer. Print and fax payment Confirmation page to Auto Sniffer.
step3 Auto Sniffer emails out your own individual Bidder Number and Password.
step3 Log into Copart using your new Bidder Number and Password and place your bid.
step3 Auto Sniffer notifies you of your win by your preferred contact method and asks you to deposit the outstanding amount (including Auto Sniffer’s Transaction Fee of $200 USD) into our Bank account ASAP. Once again print and fax Payment Confirmation page to Auto Sniffer.
step3 Auto Sniffer pays for the vehicle which then can be released.
step3 From here you can either arrange your own transport and importation or ask Auto Sniffer to do some or all of this for you. Information about transportation.
step3 Auto Sniffer courier’s documentation, including titles to a destination of your choice.

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Transporting Cars

Auto Sniffer offers transportation assistance to all our clients to major countries globally. We will work with each client directly to offer best prices and make all necessary arrangements, so our clients’ needs are met.

Please contact us for additional information.

Our Vehicle Gallery


We don’t just show you cars from the auction. We bring in our own inventory of cars that you can personally come and see.