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Transport Auto Sniffer: Congratulations!!! You Just finished bidding and won the vehicle of your choice.

Customer: Thanks, but what do I do next?

Auto Sniffer: Next step is to transport your vehicle from the auction yard to the shipping company.

Customer: How do I do that I don’t know any transporting companies?

Auto Sniffer: No problem. We can assist you. We work with a variety of road transportation companies that safely and securely get your vehicle to its destination. We compare prices with each one to make sure you get the best rate.

Customer: That sounds easy.

Auto Sniffer: It’s that simple. Now let’s get your vehicle transported to the shipping yard.

Customer: Wait… I don’t have a designated shipping company, can you help me?

Auto Sniffer: No problem. We have a list of shipping companies we have done business with and have built a great working relationship. We don’t just pick one. We compare prices and services to make sure you get the best quality care for your money. But, it doesn’t end there. Once your vehicle reaches your country’s port we use our resources to assist you with Custom clearances, Duty, Unloading and VAT fees. It’s important to consult with us prior to purchasing your vehicle so you will have an understanding of what those fees will be.

Customer: Is that it?

Auto Sniffer: That’s it… Again its that simple. For more details and some helpful advice please consult with us. All Consultations are Free.

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Transporting Cars

Auto Sniffer offers transportation assistance to all our clients to major countries globally. We will work with each client directly to offer best prices and make all necessary arrangements, so our clients’ needs are met.

Please contact us for additional information.

Our Vehicle Gallery


We don’t just show you cars from the auction. We bring in our own inventory of cars that you can personally come and see.